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Transport adapté du Fjord inc.

Transport adapté du Fjord inc.

Transport Adapté du Fjord Inc. offers an adapted transportation service to customers with reduced mobility or special needs. The clientele served concerns anyone in need of transportation, regardless of the reason (study, work, leisure, medical, etc.). However, with regard to the paratransit service, to be eligible, the person must meet the following two requirements: either be a handicapped person, that is to say a person with a deficiency resulting in a significant and persistent disability and who is likely to encounter obstacles in carrying out everyday activities and have mobility limitations justifying the use of a paratransit service. Only the following disabilities may be considered for eligibility purposes, namely the inability to walk a distance of 400 m on level ground, the inability to climb a 35 cm high step with support or the inability to descending one without support, the inability to complete an entire journey using the usual public transport services, the inability to orient oneself in time or space, the inability to control situations or behaviors that could be detrimental to their own safety or that of others and the inability to communicate verbally or by gesture. However, this incapacity alone cannot be taken into account for the purposes of admission. Among the territories served by paratransit, we find the cities of Sagard, Petit-Saguenay, Anse-Saint-Jean, Rivière-Éternité and Saint-Félix-d'Otis.


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Areas covered

Region(s) and cities

Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean, Capitale-Nationale


Petit-Saguenay, L'Anse-Saint-Jean, Rivière-Éternité, Sagard, Saint-Félix-d'Otis